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PADI Eco- Divemaster nternship - Dive with the Roatan Sharks
Eco-Divemaster - Fun
Our PADI I.E Candidates - Another 100% First time Success  !
Quality Training Guaranteed
PADI Divemaster Training
Quality PADI Training - Guaranteed
Become a PADI Professional

PSI Training Facility .........

Barefoot Divers Roatan - PADI IDC Resort S -21172
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Bay Islands Honduras
Amazing Go Pro Training Locations 
A Unique PADI Eco-Divemaster Internship
PADI Divemaster - Shark Dives and Much More
Fun Training with Fun People
Become a PADI Professional
Quality PADI Training - Guaranteed
Barefoot Divers Roatan - PADI IDC Resort S -21172
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Our Eco-Divemaster Internships

A Thought , becoming a PADI Divemaster is often not enough to compete for the best Divemaster jobs. In a world where people are more and more concerned about the well-being of our oceans and coral reef ecosystems, more knowledge is needed about this pristine environment.
Since 2010 many of our internship students always wanted to improve their knowledge about marine life and marine biology. On the other hand, many of our PADI Divemaster candidates wished they would have learned more about the underwater world. So why donít we just combine those two aspects in one Unique Internship so we did.

Our Unique Eco-PADI Divemaster  Internships : 6-12 week Internships With Unlimited Diving &  Shark and Coral Reef & Fish I.D lectures and dives during Training  .Shark Lectures and 4 Dedicated Shark Dives and Reef Fish and Coral I.D Lectures and Dives all in One Amazing Comprehensive PADI Divemaster Training with Dedicated Go Pro Instructors Mentors as well as Marine Biologist Staff .

Roatan Dive Center : All New Modern Dive Center in 2015 and Multimedia Classroom and a perfect location for training site a confined and O/W site that meets all the required PADI Performance requirements .
We offer Only the most up to date PADI Curriculum and related Courses. Coupled with the most current PADI Materials & Manuals. Plus up to 50 Dive Sites within Roatan's Marine Park for Our O/W Presentations during Training . All this is located in a quite idyllic corner of the South Shore of Roatan  .......

Our Eco-Divemaster Internship includes:

FREE Diving for Life to our Eco-Divemaster Interns.

FREE Work Experience post Training in the UNSECO Protected area of Cayos Cochinos - Limited Spaces !

PADI Divemaster course taught by our Dedicated PADI Course Director as an internship format.

Unlimited dives during your training - No limited diving

Equipment Rental Free during Training .

In-Depth Shark Lectures with Our Shark Legacy Biologist

In-Depth Coral Lectures & 4 Coral I.D Dives with Our Marine Biologist

Fish I.D Lectures & I.D  Videos followed by 4 Fish I.D Dives

Equipment Repair workshops - inc Regulators & Valves

Integrated French Cay Marine Park days

PADI Shark Diver Course & PADI Distinctive Certification - 2 Dives

AWARE Shark Conservation Course & PADI Certification - 2 Dives

4 Dedicated Shark Dives at " Cara a Cara point

Coral Reef Survey Snorkels - Cordelia & Smith Banks

Project AWARE - Beach and U/W Clean ups

Shark and Reef Dives and Materials

2015 Marine Park Fees

Minimum 10 - Training simulated and certified diver leads

Night Dives where required

Daily Return Transport

Plus Coming Soon in 2015 extra Programs .

Pro U/W Photography Courses coming in 2015 -  Train with a Dedicated Photo Professional .

Exclusive PSI Cylinder Inspection Training - Courses to U.S Standards and Accreditation .

EFR Instructor Course & Certifictaion available to all our Eco-Candidates.

Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor available to all our Eco-Candidates.

Gain the Marine Park Lionfish License at an extra cost .

FREE Post Training work experience program including Accommodation and Meals - Transport . Dive and Medical Insurance Mandatory - 4 Lucky Candidates per Month. 

ALL NEW - Pro Platinum Internship & Work Experience - 10  weeks Comprehensive Training and Accommodation - Transport - Unlimited Diving - 2015 PADI Divemaster Crewpack and E-rdp-ML & Shark Lectures & 4 Shark Dives - Coral and Fish Lectures and Dives inc local RSTC Medical and incuding RSTC Medical  

Plus 1 Months work experience in Cayos Cochinos at a neighboring Island Resort with Accomodation and meals and then back to Roatan.
Just $500.00 Extra ....... 
So why Our program ?
From its inception in 2010 Our Eco-Divemaster Internships were designe to go beyond the standard courses offered by Training and Certifictaion agencies. The Dive Industry is crying out for quality knowkedgeable Dive Professionals. Unfortunately most courses leave the Candidate with still much  to learn. So our PADI Course Director Gary Miller put together a program that filled the gaps and trained Candidates to a level of competence required to succeed in the Industry. By using the PADI Divemaster Course as a foundation we added an Internship format and then went 10 steps even further by adding in Lectures and Dives on Corals - Reef Fish and Creatures and Ultimately Sharks.

Together with the Shark Legacy Project the Shark curriculum and dives were added to the Internship with the help of Shark Biologist Giacomo Palavicini a unique program evolved.From there Marine Biologist Jonathan Clarkin added in a in-depth Coral Lecture and now for 2015 4 deicated coral I.D Dives .  

In charge of your Training is our Platinum Course Director Gary Miller offer a dedicated and comprehensive Training that is set to a higher Standard and more Comprehensive than required by PADI - Unlike some Divemaster courses that are offered over 7 -15 days , we prefer to offer a longer Much More Comprehensive and Fun Curriculum to develop you as a more rounded and employable PADI Professional . We cover more Classroom - C/W - O/W and Adventures in Diving Presentations and incorporate a detailed Rescue Skills work shop as well - We want you to be ready for your Very first Group of Divers as a PADI Pro whether it's small group or a DSD - Helping with an O/W Course or Rescue Class. remember  you are here to get the most out of your Divemaster Training Course and be Guided and Developed as a more Competent and Qualified PADI Divemaster or Instructor Candidate .....

Dedicated Platinum Course Director & Elite 300 Instructor :
Our Course Director Gary Miller has lived and worked on Roatan since the year 2000 and been Teaching IDC's since 2003 and has experience working with Several PADI Course Directors during his time and has developed his own unique 100% Candidate Orientated Training & related Programs .
Unsurpassed  - 12 years of Teaching IDC's and more than 60 IDC's
Unsurpassed experience on  Roatan - 14+ years thus far .
Unsurpassed Diverse level of Experience in all environments as a PADI Pro  - 16+ years ....
During his time in the Dive Industry he has taken over 6800 people on PADI Sanctioned Courses and certified more than 1,950+ people
since 1999 as well as accumulated over 7500+ Dives..

As well as a Qualified and Experienced U.S National Board Hyperbaric Dive Medical Technician ....
All Backed up with Geniune Hard facts and PADI Certifcations ....
All New EFR Curriculum - EFR Instructor Course with NEW Hyperbaric Overview - 
Your PADI Course Director is a U.S National Board Hyperbaric Dive Medic Technician EMT-B and EFR Instructor Trainer...........
All New EFR Curriculum - EFR Instructor Course with NEW Hyperbaric Overview -  Your PADI Course Director is a U.S National Board Hyperbaric Dive Medic Technician EMT-B and EFR Instructor Trainer...........Read More 

MSD and MSDT Prep and Individual Instructor Specialties - We offer up to 19+ Instructor Specialty Training Courses . Complete the MSDT Prep with Gary and teach them straight away.Increase your Employability and get Instructor Specialties with your Course Director and get Work quicker - It makes sense ........... Read More

Go Pro Testimonials : See what are recent Past and recent Candidates say about Us ?  - Read More

Become a PADI DIVE PRO it's a Life changing event
and remember .......

" It's All about the Life Style ".